Getting good cues is easier said than done, but, with a little time, effort and patience, it can be done relatively easily. This guide will detail what to do if you are in this situation.

  • Always play with tact: snooker people by putting the ball directly behind your ball (remember to always hit the rails and the ball softly!). This skill is relatively easy to execute; Wikipool would recommend watching online videos of elite, advanced and skilled player so you have a rough idea of what to do. This helps you to flourish your skills and your win percentage.
  • Always utilize trickshots: some trickshots are easy, some are not. Always complete the easy ones until you are perfectly comfortable with completing the harder ones. The main definition of a trickshot is where you don't pull off an easy shot; as such, you bounce the cue ball off the cushion to pot a ball, etc. But the hard part about trickshots is that, if not done with attentiveness, they can go horribly wrong, and backfire. Wikipool would again recommend watching casual trickshots — not extreme ones, like potting 7 balls by hitting the cue ball inside a pocket, etc. This, again, helps you to flourish your skills and winning record.
  • Buy a cue that isn't the best, but one that suits you: you'll find that most pool players use decent, solid cues. The Beginner Cue is an example of an under used, low quality cue, and the Shaman Cue is an example of a solid, decent quality one. Even if the Shaman Cue isn't the best, you can still use it to complete those all-important winning shots. Buying a cue that's decent enough to win you a few games can win you an even better cue — it just takes time and a bit of self-confidence, don't fret about losing a 9-win streak. On the contrary, it does not depend on one's cue to win games; it depends on their skill. For example, the best level 150's using the Beginner Cue would still beat a level 26 using the Galaxy Cue, etc. What we are trying to get across is that you should always buy a cue that suits you, and then one that is of better quality.
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