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Mini Game Spin and Win

The Spin and Win mini game is an iconic aspect of 8 Ball Pool; it can help you obtain pool coins, scratch cards and the 'Lucky 8 Cue'. Being a large roll for money-making, you are limited to one free spin a day, or five spins can be purchased for ten pool cash and fifteen spins can be purchased for twenty-five pool cash. If the player gets one pool coin in a free spin then they get an achievement entitled "Better luck next time". If the player gets the Lucky 8 Cue then they can acquire the achievement known as "Lucky Break" and if they get three spins in a row the player will receive an achievement titled "Power of 3".


Pool coin-related prizes
50000 pool coins
10000 pool coins
7500 pool coins
5000 pool coins
2500 pool coins
1000 pool coins
500 pool coins
450 pool coins
300 pool coins
250 pool coins
150 pool coins
125 pool coins
100 pool coins
75 pool coins
50 pool coins
25 pool coins
A pool coin
Other prizes
Lucky 8 Cue
A free spin card
5 scratch cards
10 scratch cards
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