Scratch and Win icon
Mini Game Scratch and Win

The Scratch and Win is also an iconic part of 8 Ball Pool. It can be obtained as a prize from the Spin and Win or five can be bought for ten pool cash and fifteen can be purchased for twenty-five pool cash. The aim is to match three of the same cards together and win the amount on the cards, for example: if you scratch out three two-hundred and fifties you will be rewarded two-hundred-and-fifty pool coins. There is a smaller variety of prizes than the Spin and Win but the prizes have larger values. The player can obtain the "Better luck next time" achievement for getting one pool coin in the game.


Pool coin-related prizes
250,000 pool coins
100,000 pool coins
10000 pool coins
5000 pool coins
1500 pool coins
1250 pool coins
1000 pool coins
500 pool coins
300 pool coins
250 pool coins
100 pool coins
50 pool coins
25 pool coins
A pool coin
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