Not to be confused with The Pharaoh Cue, as they share similar names, look alike and have similar pricing.
Pharaoh Frame
Pharaoh Frame
Price 10000 pool coins Pool Coins icon 1
Level Unlocked 1
Examine A table painted in faun and goldenrod.
Category Frames
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The Pharaoh Frame is a frame in 8 Ball Pool which costs 10000 pool coins to purchase and is obtainable at level 1.


The Pharaoh frame is a frame engulfed in faun and goldenrod. All of the pockets (with the exception of pockets in the centre of the frame) on the frame sit next to a section of goldenrod. The pockets in the middle sit next to a winged painting. There are other Egyptian patterns in the form of symbols all over the body of the frame, which are typically seen to represent some sort of Egyptian code.

Pharaoh Frame in action

The Pharaoh Frame when activated

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