The New Year Cue is a cue in 8 Ball Pool which is obtainable at level 12, costs 10 pool cash to purchase and 120 pool coins to recharge.

Oddly, the cue does not retain the premium cue pattern of the recharge price is 4× the price. It is instead 12× the price. In addition, the sprite in-game is curiously called "QFP9AUGST_shop.png" (link), which doesn't make any sense. It could, perhaps, signify the month of August.


The new year cue is a cue that attains a rather 'royal' look. It features colder colours such as white, blue and purple, but is also accompanied a small tint of gold. Throughout the cue's design is large sections of white, with parallel lines of grey. Golden lines separate each section; towards the bottom of the cue (not the tip) is diamond patterns, which again connote royalty. At the very bottom of the cue is a white diamond.

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