This is a list of currently and formerly available cues in 8 Ball Pool.

Standard Cues

Image Cue Name Lowest Table Price Notes
Beginner Cue.png Beginner Cue - - First cue received by all players
Soccer Stars Cue.png Soccer Stars Cue - 25 Pool Coins icon 2.png
Skull Cue.png Skull Cue - 250 Pool Coins icon 2.png
Candy Cue.jpg Candy Cue - 1,000 Pool Coins icon 2.png
Gunman Cue.png The Gunman Cue - 1,750 Pool Coins icon 2.png
Sheep Cue.png Sheep Cue - 2,500 Pool Coins icon 2.png
The Millionaire Cue.png Millionaire Cue - 1,000,000 Pool Coins icon 2.png
300px Billionaire Cue - 1,000,000,000 Pool Coins icon 2.png
300px 1.5 Billion Cue - 1,500,000,000 Pool Coins icon 2.png

Victory Cues

Image Cue Name Lowest Table Cue Power Notes
300px Barcelona Cue Barcelona 2 Only obtainable upon first win of Barcelona tournament
Cow Hide Cue.png Cow Cue London 3
Pine Cue.png Pine Cue London 3
300px Traditional Cue London 3
300px Victory Cue London 3
300px Composite Cue London 4
300px Rio Cue Rio 5 Only obtainable upon first win of Rio Tournament
300px Antique Cue Sydney 5
300px Modern Cue Sydney 5
300px Buenos Aires Cue Buenos Aires 6 Only obtainable upon first win of Buenos Aires tournament
Bronze Cue.png Bronze Cue Sydney 6
Rosewood Cue.png Rosewood Cue Sydney 6
300px Vintage Cue Moscow 7
300px Amsterdam Cue Amsterdam 8 Only obtainable upon first win of Amsterdam tournament
Classic Cue.png Classic Cue Moscow 9
Zebra Cue.png Zebra Cue Moscow 9
Bearpaw Cue.png Bearpaw Cue Moscow 10
Shaman Cue.png Shaman Cue Tokyo 10
Royal Blue Cue.png Royal Blue Cue Tokyo 10
Crocodile Cue.png Crocodile Cue Tokyo 11
300px Singapore Cue Singapore 11 Only obtainable upon first win of Singapore Tournament
Oak Cue.png Oak Cue Tokyo 11
Carbon Fiber Cue.png Carbon Fiber Cue Tokyo 11
The Deputy Cue.png Deputy Cue Tokyo 11
Digitized Cue.png Digitized Cue Las Vegas 12
Camouflage Cue.png Camouflage Cue Las Vegas 12
Posh Cue.png Posh Cue Las Vegas 12
300px Snake Cue Las Vegas 12
Blue Hope Cue.png Blue Hope Cue Jakarta 13
Beech Cue.png Beech Cue Jakarta 13
Test Tube Cue.png Test Tube Cue Las Vegas 13
The Pharaoh Cue.png Pharaoh Cue Jakarta 13
Binder Cue.png Binder Cue Toronto 14
Steampunk Cue.png Steampunk Cue Toronto 14
Norseman Cue.png Norseman Cue Toronto 14
Phantom Cue.png Phantom Cue Jakarta 14
Platinum Viper Cue.png Platinum Viper Cue Jakarta 14