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A screen shot of the leagues

Leagues are a pivotal component of 8 Ball Pool which determine your league or ranking by your level. The concept was released on November 18, 2014.[1] With Leagues, players are placed with three-hundred players of a similar amount of experience and technique. Each different league has an icon design and emblem; in order of levels, the Brass League has a liard-coloured emblem with a gold outline, the Bronze League has a bronze emblem with a gold outline, the Silver League has a silver emblem with a gold outline, the Gold League has a gold emblem with a gold outline, the Platinum league has a rich silver emblem, the Amethyst League has a purple emblem which bares in resemblance to the actual diamond, the Sapphire League has a rich ocean-like blue emblem with a gold outline, the Emerald League has a chartreuse emblem with a gold outline, the Ruby League has a red emblem with a gold outline and the Diamond League has an aqua marine blue with many detailed patterns.

All leagues come with rewards once reached - what is in them, however, progressively get better when the league gets higher.

Leagues were originally added to the game as an addition to the Weekly Competition feature; Miniclip wanted to group players with people who play at similar levels and put them into their own leagues. Every week, the player would be ranked on their total weekly winnings. Each week, the top three players win a prize. There are ten different leagues based on the player's level; after making it into a new league, the player is given a reward.

Prizes and levels

  • Brass League: 3500 pool coins; level 1-9
  • Bronze League: 15000 pool coins; level 10-14
  • Silver League: 50000 pool coins; level 15-19
  • Gold League: 50 pool cash; level 20-24
  • Platinum League: 75 pool cash; level 25-34
  • Amethyst League: 100 pool cash; level 35-44
  • Sapphire League: 125 pool cash; level 45-54
  • Emerald League: 150 pool cash; level 55-74
  • Ruby League: 175 pool cash; level 75-99
  • Diamond League: 200 pool cash; level 100+

Note: the prizes shown above would only be given if you have the most winnings in the weekly competition.


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