Game rooms are locations in which the protagonist can choose from in order to challenge other online opponents. One of the numerous aspects of the game rooms is the ability to select areas and territories to compete in online matches in order to accumulate and acquire Pool coins, the virtual currency of 8 Ball Pool. Game Rooms - or, more specifically, online matches - are accessed by clicking on the "Play 1 Vs 1" icon on the home screen. An additional aspect of the game rooms is the ability to compete in tournaments, a sequence of online matches which allow the player to acquire higher amounts of riches and receive achievements.[note 1].


There 21 game rooms where players can choose to Play 1vs1, from the London Downtown Pub to Berlin Platz (Venice if you are a Pro Member). In the special mode tournaments you must win 3 different opponents in order to obtain the prizes and cues.

The entry fees and prizes on coins in 1vs1 mode are the following, k representing thousands and M representing millions :

Event Logo Entry fee Prize
Monaco All In Lounge
Undetermined Double your bet
Downtown London Pub Logo
50 100
Sydney Marina Bar Logo
100 200
Moscow Winter Club logo
500 1000
Tokyo Warrior Hall logo
2500 5000
Las Vegas Full House logo
10k 20k
Jakarta Volcano logo
50k 100k
Toronto Maple Suite logo
100k 200k
Cairo Kasbah logo
250k 500k
Dubai Golden Challenge logo
500k 1 M
Shanghai Oriental Pearl logo
1M 2M
Paris Château logo
2.5M 5M
Rome Colosseum logo
4M 8M
Bangkok Temple logo
5M 10M
Seoul Tower logo
10M 20M
Mumbai Mahal logo
15M 30M
Berlin Platz logo
25M 50M

Specials: 9 Ball, No Guidelines and Tournaments

Name Entry fee Prize
Beijing No Guidelines Paradise 100 - 10M Bet x2
Miami Beach 9 Ball 100 - 10M Bet x2
Dallas Rodeo 9 Ball No Guideline Call Pocket All Shots 100 - 10M Bet x2
Istanbul No Guideline 9 Ball 100 - 10M Bet x2
Barcelona Palace 200 1000
Buenos Aires 9 Ball 500 2500
Rio Carnival Call Pocket 8 Ball 3000 18k
Amsterdam Night Lounge Call Pocket 8 Ball 5k 30k
Singapore Dragon Call Pocket All Shots 10k 60k

Limited edition events

These events appear randomly during certain amount of time. There are 2 kinds; Championship and Tournament. in the first one, the player must finish the event on the Top 100 in order to obtain the pot and a ring, while the second one consists in a series of 6 rounds to obtain the prize. The tournaments possess a specific cue the player obtains when he wins the Cup.

Event Name
Happy Holidays 9 Ball
New Year Special
Los Angeles Championship
Dublin Pub
Chicago Jazz Club
San Francisco Golden Gate
Moonlight Tournament
New York Plaza
Hong Kong Harbour
Madrid Plaza Mayor
Mexico Temple
Havana Championship
Sao Paulo Championship
Kyoto Temple Championship
Bali Boa Gajah

Pro Game Rooms

To enter these rooms the player must have a Pro Membership

Name Entry Fee Prize
Montecarlo Salon 50k 100k
Venice Ballroom 75M 150M

Notes and citations

  1. Tournaments can be accessed by the "Play Tournament" button on the homescreen. This button allows the player to choose from a series of areas to play in. Formerly, these were Sydney Marina Bar, Downtown London Pub, Moscow Winter Club, the Tokyo Warrior Hall, the Las Vegas Full House, Toronto Maple Suite, Cairo Kasbah and Jakarta Volcano. But, with the new updates, to July 2019, either for PC and Mobile versions the player can only enter to Barcelona Palace, Buenos Aires 9 Ball, Rio Carnival, Amsterdam Night Lounge and Singapore Dragon. However, those players that have won those old tournaments, they still have on their tournaments stats those cups as won, as well as achievements.
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