Game rooms are locations in which the protagonist can choose from in order to challenge other online opponents. One of the numerous aspects of the game rooms is the ability to select areas and territories to compete in online matches in order to accumulate and acquire Pool coins, the virtual currency of 8 Ball Pool. Game Rooms - or, more specifically, online matches - are accessed by clicking on the "Play 1 Vs 1" icon on the home screen. An additional aspect of the game rooms is the ability to compete in tournaments, a sequence of online matches which allow the player to acquire higher amounts of riches and receive achievements.[note 1]


Event Logo Event Name
Monaco All In Lounge
Monaco All In Lounge
Downtown London Pub Logo
Downtown London Pub
Sydney Marina Bar Logo
Sydney Marina Bar
Moscow Winter Club logo
Moscow Winter Club
Tokyo Warrior Hall logo
Tokyo Warrior Hall
Las Vegas Full House logo
Las Vegas Full House
Jakarta Volcano logo
Jakarta Volcano
Toronto Maple Suite logo
Toronto Maple Suite
Cairo Kasbah logo
Cairo Kasbah
Dubai Golden Challenge logo
Dubai Golden Challange
Shanghai Oriental Pearl logo
Shanghai Oriental Pearl
Paris Château logo
Paris Château
Rome Colosseum logo
Rome Colosseum
Bangkok Temple logo
Bangkok Temple
Seoul Tower logo
Seoul Tower
Mumbai Mahal logo
Mumbai Muhal
Berlin Platz logo
Berlin Platz
Beijing No Guidelines Paradise
Miami Beach 9 Ball
Dallas Rodeo
Istanbul No Guideline 9 Ball
Barcelona Palace
Bueno Aires 9 Ball
Rio Carnival
Amsterdam Night Lounge
Singapore Dragon
Happy Holidays 9 Ball

Notes and citations

  1. Tournaments can be accessed by the "Play Tournament" button on the homescreen. This button allows the player to choose from a series of areas to play in, some of which including: Sydney Marina Bar, Downtown London Pub, Moscow Winter Club, the Tokyo Warrior Hall and the Las Vegas Full House.