Game Emojis are a way to tell your feelings in a match. Default emojis are the: Laughing emoji, Happy emoji, Angry emoji, Teasing emoji, Crying emoji, Hoping emoji, Cool emoji, Heart eyes emoji, and Winking emoji.


Muting people will make the emojis they send invisible. Useful if player is spamming emojis or you don't like to see emojis. You can mute someone by pressing the speech bubble that has the X on it found next to the Player's name.

More Emojis

You can get more emojis by the pool pass or purchasing. Note: Every pool pass has different emojis and they are limited to collect. Some emojis require you to purchase the pool pass premium. Pool pass emojis are related to what their season is about.

Fun facts about emojis.

  1. The most collected emoji is Speak Out emoji from Pool pass Steampunk season.
  2. Emojis that are loading a lot means that your progress has an error and the next time you login, it will reset your progress.
  3. The second most sent emoji is Laughing Knight emoji.
  4. If you have the updating error your emojis collected from the pool pass will not be available to send.

Some game emojis