A club is a township with a max of 50 people. You can chat, get prizes, request gifts, and challenge people in a club.


Co-Leaders and Leader can promote people. Co-Leaders cannot promote or demote other Co-Leaders or the Leader, a leader can freely promote and demote anybody as they can even promote another person to be Leader but there can only be 1 leader in each club.


No special privileges to the club.


Can only kick members but they cannot ban members, and they cannot promote either.


These are also known as Leader's assistant. They can promote members to officer and demote officers, however they cannot demote or promote someone to Co-Leader. They can also edit the club.


Leaders can do anything they want to in the club. They can promote and demote everyone to anything (Member, co-leader, officer) They can edit the club and ban people from the club.


All people in the club can chat. There is no option for anyone to ban people from chatting. Emojis on android devices can turn into question marks when sent. (Not to be confused with Game Emojis) You cannot send game emojis in chat but only the iOS devices emojis.