Club Leagues

There are 10 Club Leagues in 8 Ball Pool. Bronze, bronze II, silver, silver II, gold, gold II, emerald, emerald II, diamond, diamond II.


If your club reaches the top 3 in the league everyone in the club will get a prize of coins how much prize it is depends on which league you are in. To get the club prizes you have to login to the app to get it! A pop-up should appear when the club league is over and restarts.


If your club reaches the top 3 in the league it will move up 1 league except when your club is in diamond II. Club winnings reset and the minimum of coins of demotion increases. The coin prize increases and the clubs normally should get higher winnings. If your club reaches in the top 3 below the minimum of coins of demotion the club stays in it's current league, also 4th-21th place.


If your club reaches 22 or lower it will move down 1 league except when in bronze league Thus also when your club is lower than the minimum of coins. If your club gets demoted, the coins prize decreases and the minimum of coins demotion decreases.

Minimum of coins on leagues

If your club is lower then Minimum of coins on a league, your club is demoted 1 league, Bronze league minimum: 200,000 bronze II league minimum: 400,000 Silver league minimum: 900,000 Silver II league minimum: 120,000,0 Gold league minimum: 250,000,0 Gold II league minimum: 700,000,0 Emerald league minimum: 250,000,00 Emerald II league minimum: 700,000,00 Diamond league minimum: 125,000,000 Diamond II league minimum: 250,000,000

Increasing coins

To increase the number of coins your club has, you need to win games and if you win a game, how much the game costed your coins get increased by that number for example if your win a Mumbai match (cost 15M) Then your club will get 15M more. If you lose a game, nothing is affected. Kicking people out of clubs or leaving a club will make you lose your player's clubs winnings.