Cedric.betz Cedric.betz 19 May 2016

Make use of the 8 Ball Pool Hack to Succeed in Every Game Level

The 8 ball pool is a mobile game played by many individuals. It's online billiard game with additional functions. For you to keep on playing the game, ample amount of online cash and coins must be obtained. Playing the game will give you the chance to make the online cash.

One pool cash will be integrated to your account after finishing one level. Your earnings will rely on the device you utilize, which is approximately 25 coins every 30 minutes to one hour. Coins are also provided to players who clicked on ads. With a lot of things you need to accomplish that needs pool cash and coins, you might not be able to continue at the rate you are getting the free cash and coins. This will put your game progress on hold for quite a while.


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Dragonleaf5678 Dragonleaf5678 5 July 2015

Check out our Social Media!

Hi all,

Just a brief post to inform you all of Wikipool's new social media! We're now, just like Miniclip, trying to get big on social websites. You can see them by checking out the links below:

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Dragonleaf5678 Dragonleaf5678 5 July 2015

Main Page

Hi everyone,

Just to let you all know that the homepage is being edited. The aim of this brief project is to give readers a good idea of what they're reading, and at the same time show them our browse articles and some of Miniclip's entertaining videos, all with a user-friendly and fluent design. Here's a bullet-pointed list of some of the new homepage highlights:

  • Dual columns to place content on both sides of the screen
  • Portals with nice designs and hovers
  • Enlarging wordmark
  • Header patterns
  • Several videos to entice the reader into the wiki
  • Social media widgets to allow readers to keep up-to-date with both our Twitter and Miniclip's Twitter accounts
  • A list of updates to give readers a short but comprehensive list
  • Quick links to important articles


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